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Homoeopathy treatmentWe have no definite date for re-opening the clinic. However we wanted to let you know that we are planning lots of  exciting changes over the next six months.  We are busy getting the clinic all spruced up! to welcome our clients old and new back. Our therapists have been updating their skills on line.  We have been gathering information on procedures and protocols that are needed to be implemented to keep all of us safe.  We want to make the clinic as welcoming as possible whilst we have to make these necessary changes. I have to thank all our lovely clients who have kept in touch with us or us with them.  I got a wonderful call from an elderly patient who was self isolating, asking me how I was doing, as she knew it was a difficult time for us at the clinic.  I was really touched by that and it made my day! Please remember that we are always at the end of the phone, or email us as well. We are still able to do consultations on zoom or whatever platform suits you.  Caroline our Homeopath has actually been kept busy helping new and old clients. Our immune systems are more important than ever now and Caroline is happy to advise you on keeping it tip top.  We hope to know more about when it will be safe to open in the next few weeks. Please take care in the meantime. Warm wishes Dee and everyone at the clinic.


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