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Caroline Greene

Caroline Greene

Caroline Greene LicISH MSAPH MARH is our homeopath at The Natural Clinic. In your first consultation Caroline will take a full medical history including a detailed description of your physical symptoms. She will also look at how you are feeling emotionally, how much energy you have and what stress factors are in your life.

With your help she will put together a picture of what makes you tick and what is currently undermining your health. Then she will match this picture to a remedy which in its natural state would bring about the symptoms you are experiencing. The very diluted homeopathic remedy gently stimulates your vital force to bring about the specific healing your body requires to bring it back into balance.

Homeopathy is the second largest form of Medicine in the world and is suitable for everyone, including babies. It works well alongside medication prescribed by your doctor and many patients come to homeopathy who are unable to take prescribed medication or find it has ceased to be effective.

Homeopathy is used to treat people rather than illnesses. Therefore anyone, whatever the diagnosis, can benefit from Homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy has been found to work effectively in a wide variety of acute and chronic problems including infectious disease, allergies, gynaecological difficulties, digestive problems and so on. It can also help to prevent future trouble by increasing the individual’s strength and resistance.┬áCaroline is also able to offer Lorisian Allergy Testing.

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