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Arnica for healing

Arnica Q&A

A Q&A on how to use the homeopathic remedy Arnica

Q: My friend told me arnica is good for bruises and injuries so I bought some cream but it says not to rub it on broken skin. Why is that?

Arnica cream applied to broken skin can cause a rash. Instead take internally in the form of homeopathic pills. The cream can be rubbed on aching muscles.

Q: What else can Arnica help with?

Arnica was discovered by mountaineers in the Alps. They found that chewing the little daisies helped them to keep going for longer and reduced aching and stiffness in the muscles. Think how a daisy springs back up if you tread on one – this is what it does for us when we are tired and sore. I was walking in the highlands one day and 3/4 of the way up the hill we were all flagging. A short break and a drink always helps when scaling a steep slope, but my companions were still threatening to head home. I recommended we all took some arnica and we were surprised to feel like we had new legs. I often recommend this remedy to women giving birth for long labours and to folk running marathons.

The sore bruised, exhausted, slightly confused feeling – as if you’ve done nine rounds with Mike Tyson, is also familiar to those suffering jet lag. Taking Arnica when you land can help you get straight to work or enjoying your holiday.

Q: What happens when you use Arnica in a first aid situation?

Arnica for first aid
Just after this photo was taken, the man on the right tumbled all the way down this cliff. When he got to the bottom, everybody gathered about him anxiously; “I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine” he assured no one. He was not injured but badly shaken, his face had gone grey and he was trembling. Saying you’re fine when you’re not is a keynote of the remedy Arnica and after taking one of these pills, colour returned to his face and he started to joke about what had just happened.

I’ve heard Arnica is good for bumps to the head – is this true?

No mother of a toddler should be without this remedy. Every now and then their speed and inexperience conspires against them and many of you will have watched an egg form before your eyes. After giving Arnica, a neighbour and I once watched a child calm down and start chatting away whilst the egg on his forehead went down as quickly as it had arrived.

Please note: Arnica should not replace urgent medical attention and I recommend people learn the signs that indicate when a head injury is serious – see this NHS page for more.

In more serious cases trauma to the head can sometimes lead to headaches, dizziness and emotional changes which can go on for years. Homeopathic treatment can gently and permanently remove these symptoms.

Caroline works at the natural clinic on Monday mornings and can be contacted on 07884 147443.

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