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Whiplash, Trauma, Headaches, Stiff Muscles, Anxiety try Craniosacral Therapy

OPEN A NEW DOOR….”The healing power of a gentle touch”.  Craniosacral therapy is a highly effective light-touch therapy.  Would you like to enjoy a better quality of life, have an alert mind, and a happy body.  Live your life with energy, passion and vitality!!.  Craniosacral therapy may be what you need.  Help your body be more in balance, your body and mind working as a team to enhance your wellbeing.  A CST therapist uses a gentle touch to map your body’s response to stress or injury. This may be from a recent accident or illness but in some cases a long-ago trauma. Your therapist will then support your body in releasing tensions, to promote healing. CST is a partnership between patient and therapist. The hands of a CST therapist are trained to feel and monitor changes in the body’s tissues to a very high degree of sensitivity.  This is a very special therapy, a little bit different, with a powerful effect.  CST helps the body to find a more efficient way to heal by working to release strains, resulting in reduced pain and increased range of motion.  Patients often comment on how much more relaxed they feel, more in balance,  and they feel much more positive.  If you are curious about this treatment and how it can help you, do get in touch with Deirdre at the clinic, she will be more than happy to chat to you.

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