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CranioSacral Therapy for healing

An introduction to CranioSacral Therapy

By Deirdre Barron MFHT, GSSR

This article was first published in Heartland Buzz, April/May issue.

In this issue we want to introduce you to a very gentle yet powerful treatment: CranioSacral therapy.

“What we do is take away Obstacles like removing stones from the road.”
–Dr John Upledger

This treatment is a light-touch approach which can help release tension which is held deep within the body’s tissues.

Dr John E Upledger D.O., O.M.M., an Osteopath and physician, developed Craniosacral Therapy. Throughout his career, he was an innovator, in the investigation of new therapies.

Why choose this therapy?

Every day our bodies absorb stresses and strains, which cause tension on the tissues. But our body can only handle so much tension before the tissues begin to tighten or change. Other experiences, from physical injuries to emotional trauma, can create or add to the restrictions. CranioSacral Therapy’s light touch can release these tensions, and in turn the whole body will relax, and self correct. By freeing the central nervous system to perform at its best, CST may reduce pain and stress and improve your health and well-being.

The treatment

A Typical CranioSacral session takes place in a quiet setting. You remain fully clothed as you relax on a comfortable treatment table. A practitioner will use a gentle touch, starting with the pressure of a 20 pence piece. They will tune in, and listen to your body using palpitation skills. A session can last up to an hour or more.

CST gives your body time and space to heal

An important part of Upledger CST is that the person’s body knows exactly what it needs in order to heal. Our job as a therapist is to provide listening hands, to support and encourage the body’s own self healing.

Is the therapy for you?

CST is used to address many conditions, including, headaches, migraines, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Whiplash injury, TMJ syndrome, Chronic fatigue, neck and back pain. It is also gentle enough to use on the elderly and also the very young.

Mums and babies

This therapy is often useful during pregnancy, and helpful for babies, and young children too.

If you would like to find out more on how CST works go to What is CST?

Deirdre practises this therapy at the natural clinic, along with her other treatments. If you would like to find out how this therapy may be helpful for you please do get in touch to discuss your specific queries.

For more information, please call Deirdre on 07774 546 384, or email her at

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