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I was so sore and stiff coming in to the clinic, but after a treatment with Aileen, I left feeling wonderful and in much less pain. Aileen was so kind and knowledgeable and explained everything so well.  I was nervous to come as the pain was so bad. Can recommend Aileen for sure.  Sue. Comrie

I just want to say thank you, you are a genius. The pain in my right elbow and arm muscles has gone, no pain, considering it’s been impaired for the last 8 months. I have much freer movement. Crieff client.

I hurt my back recently and was recommended to see Kirsten the Osteopath at the natural clinic.  I had three sessions which really put me back on track.


I had a glorious hot stones massage with Aileen, the little face massage was amazing, certainly be back again.  Joan, Crieff.

Massage treatments

“Beyond Amazing” my experience of Craniosacral Therapy with Dee.  Just what I needed to help my migraines, brilliant.  Dee so understanding, and the treatment was so… relaxing.  Would certainly recommend Dee and her clinic is so welcoming. J Whyte, Aberdeen.

My recent Lymphatic therapy treatment with Aileen, was amazing. I felt so much better afterwards. My body felt as if it had been a muddy puddle! and it is now feeling much clearer and I feel much more energised. I would really recommend Aileen and this warm and friendly clinic. Everyone was so nice and helpful, from my first enquiry.  Janice, Perth

My last treatment with Deirdre was beyond amazing!, feeling so relaxed, refreshed and re-vitalized. L Hobbs, London

Caroline, thank you so much for your help and advice you’ve been monumental in helping my little girl’s skin heal. AT Hampshire.

Thank you Caroline, in a world where I have felt up the creek without the proverbial paddle, for quite a few years, you have restored my faith in humanity, and helped me to find some confidence and positivity again. Thank you so much LF Forfar.

I recently enjoyed a craniosacral session with Deirdre, as well as finding it incredibly relaxing, it is the first treatment which I have found to be effective in addressing long term insomnia. I will definitely be back for more! Julia, Perth.

Sunny Personality!

I have been having regular massage treatments from Aileen for the last 5 years, for long term back pain. They have been excellent, invigorating, and palliative. (I love hot stones!).  Keeping me active and playing golf into my late seventies. Recent reflexology, has also proved very relaxing, and her sunny personality, makes every visit a pleasure.

Emma, my life has been totally transformed since meeting you. Our lives (husband and I) are so much better, thank you!

I was quite nervous about starting life coaching and really wasn’t sure what to expect. However, Emma was absolutely lovely to talk to and put me at ease. I was in a major quandary about several aspects of my life and needed someone to help me focus on things, knuckle down and deal with making the decisions and changes I wanted to see in my life. I came out of the first session feeling very positive and ready to make a change…which I did about 3 days later; a major career decision.

Amazing place, ladies are wonderful, they suit every treatment to your needs, couldn’t be without them, so lucky to have such a great place on our door step 🙂

The team of therapists working at the natural clinic Crieff are all excellent, they are very caring and are always available to listen to your needs. Lucky Crieff… Keep up the good work Deirdre.

Recent CranioSacral treatment for my neck problems. Very effective and extremely relaxing. Deidre, many thanks for your expert attention. I’ll be back.

Great place, has such a relaxing atmosphere and the therapists are lovely! Totally recommend.

Had a combo of CranioSacral & Full Body and it was amazing, Deirdre was very attentive and went above and beyond what I was looking for. Totally recommend you stop here if you are visiting. Thanks Deirdre!!

I have enjoyed every appointment at the natural clinic. Deirdre makes everyone feel relaxed. The Reflexology and Bach Flower Remedies have greatly improved my insomnia. I also highly recommend the clinic workshops which are held. The workshops give you a taste of the different therapies which are available.

I find attending the natural clinic both calming and uplifting. The atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing and the therapists are both professional and gracious. No matter which treatment I have had, it has always been delivered in a personal manner and with great expertise. I always come away feeling I have definitely benefited from the whole experience.

Deirdre has treated me very successfully for a few years. She is always welcoming and attentive, finding the correct treatment for the problem, whether it be sleeplessness, joint pain or detox. Sometimes I enjoy going just to be destressed and relaxed. I have found Deirdre to be very open to new ideas and willing to try new treatments, continually updating her own expertise. I wish her continuing success with the Natural Clinic.

Just a note to say how very comfortable I feel when I attend your clinic. The treatment room is fresh, cosy and relaxing. Deirdre puts me at ease and I find it very relaxing (so relaxing I fall asleep as soon as I close my eyes) and I always have a good night’s sleep after my reflexology treatment. I have MS and feel that the treatment that she gives me has helped me. I always feel full of energy after a session. I used to go every fortnight but now feel I can go once a month.

What a find The Natural Health Clinic in Crieff is. Deirdre Barron has introduced a number of alternative therapies by way of making her premises available to visiting therapists to offer consultations in a very relaxing and private environment. I particularly enjoy the workshops which give a snapshot and opportunity to participate in many alternative health practises. To date I have taken advantage of two of these services and found both to have surpassed my expectations by delivering relief from and understanding my particular problems. My first introduction to Reflexology was at Deirdre’s clinic and I have been amazed at her knowledge and expertise. I suffer from an underactive Thyroid and have found that after a session of Reflexology my symptoms and general well being are significantly improved. Over the weeks I have been visiting Deirdre I have come to rely on her knowledge and insight of many health issues and I have welcomed her advice on nutrition and reading materials to further improve my quality of life. I view the Natural Clinic as a back up and support to orthodox medicine and in many cases an alternative.

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