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What a find The Natural Health Clinic in Crieff is. Deirdre Barron has introduced a number of alternative therapies by way of making her premises available to visiting therapists to offer consultations in a very relaxing and private environment. I particularly enjoy the workshops which give a snapshot and opportunity to participate in many alternative health practises. To date I have taken advantage of two of these services and found both to have surpassed my expectations by delivering relief from and understanding my particular problems. My first introduction to Reflexology was at Deirdre’s clinic and I have been amazed at her knowledge and expertise. I suffer from an underactive Thyroid and have found that after a session of Reflexology my symptoms and general well being are significantly improved. Over the weeks I have been visiting Deirdre I have come to rely on her knowledge and insight of many health issues and I have welcomed her advice on nutrition and reading materials to further improve my quality of life. I view the Natural Clinic as a back up and support to orthodox medicine and in many cases an alternative.

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