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Hello everyone, Spring is just around the corner at last.  We have all done a  brilliant job getting over this cold Winter in Lockdown. The lighter nights and more sunshine gives us a lift.  We just wanted to let you know we are missing our clients, it is a huge part of our lives, helping and supporting  you all.  Please do give yourselves a pat on the back for getting this far.  We have no date for opening the clinic, but will keep you posted.  Caroline Greene our lovely  homeopath has been busy supporting her patients assisted by zoom calls, in between her home schooling and other such extra tasks.  If you need any help or support do call us, and Caroline is more than happy to prescribe a remedy which can be so useful to support us just now with the ups and downs.  Hope to be back to you soon with more news. Take care and keep shining bright.essential oilsHomeopathic Pharmacy


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