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Life Coaching

A definition is “...an accompanied journey of self discovery, motivated by the desire to bring about positive and lasting changes in your life.  Gaining clarity and focus, options and choice unfold along the way, enabling you to become Your Best You.”

Life Coaching moves you forwards in your chosen direction, faster than you could get there on your own.

Coaching is confidential, non-judgemental, motivating, exhilarating, challenging and can really change your life for the better!

Health & Wellbeing Coaching

Is about enhancing your health & wellbeing, whatever that may mean to you.

 Eg. Support to get fitter and healthier; manage and reduce stress levels; enhance your wellbeing within the limitations of a long term health condition; as a carer, you are aware of your own health, identity and life needs and wish to address the imbalance without compromising your caring responsibilities.

Life Mapping

Life Mapping is the “brain child” of Brian Mayne and is a vivid visual map, made up of a combination of words and pictures.  It directs both your conscious and subconscious mind towards your chosen objectives.  It is about “being” – mind and emotions.

Making your own Life Map will give you the freedom to create and live your best life.