Bach Flowers Therapy

In the 1920's and 30's a noted homeopath and bacterologist called Dr Edward Bach discovered a complete system of 38 Flower Remedies. This is a subtle form of energy medicine, but very effective, and safe for all the family. The remedies are prepared from flowers and trees, and provide a harmless, non-habit forming system of healing. Dr Bach discovered that certain wild flowers contain the vitality to help restore balance in a personality thrown out of harmony, by worries, or stress, fatigue, or feeling low and depressed about our daily lives.

How does it work?

This is a very gentle form of therapy, in which a treatment bottle will be made up and given to the client containing a combination of Bach flower essences. This therapy aims to bring your body and mind back in to balance.

What conditions can this be useful for?

This therapy is useful for anyone who suffers from depression, lack of confidence, anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue, stress, insomnia.

Bach Flower Therapy can be helpful if you are going through any change In your life and can be particularly useful for women during the menopause. It is also useful for children and young adults who may be going through changes In their life, (moving house, changing school, sitting exams etc) It can also offer support for those who are in chronic pain.